Words We Women Write

It’s amazing how you remember everything so clearly,” a woman said. ”All those conversations, details. Were you ever worried that you might get something wrong?” “I didn’t remember it,” Lucy said presently. “I wrote it. I’m a writer.”
Ann Patchett, Truth and Beauty

I notice that celebs dish dirt with gossipy relish in their memoirs. They divulge intimate details and write (maybe too) frankly about their addictions and indiscretions.

Some, not all, are nightmarish portraits of rampant dysfunction, freak-show tell-alls.

And then there are the politicians who give us a sense of their inner lives, some writing about history’s most interesting characters and what really goes on behind the scenes in high places.  Given the nature of the beast, I tend to read them skeptically. Spinning the truth is part and parcel of a political life. There’s also bias to consider. But what a reveal ~ bumpy campaigns, internal rivalries, and…

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